UERA, the Urban Europe Research Alliance, is one of the initiatives of JPI UE and is under construction. The JPI UE advances a scientific excellence in urban research by following an integrated, systemic, environmental and socio-economical approach. It promotes the study of methodologies and tools for decision making and urban planning. The objectives, the activities and the organisation of UERA alliance reflect these principles in the framework of a European urban development and of an international cooperation.
This autonomous body will be able to influence and critique the development of the SRIA, as well as future Calls for proposals. Foreseen members are Research & Technology Organisations (RTOs).

New urban research and innovation capabillities

UERA aims to strengthen, expand and optimize the European development of new urban research and innovation capabilities through:

  • The elaboration of a common vision on urban research.
  • The construction of common projects by pooling and integrating activities and resources to overcome fragmentation and to optimise resources.
  • The sharing of world-class national facilities in Europe and infrastructures like data basis, observatories, living labs etcetera.
  • The development of international cooperation and actions with leading research organisations. The alliance could become a reference interlocutor at the European and international levels to give input to and influence policy processes.

The long term objective of UERA is also to accelerate the development of urban research and innovation activities to the point where they can be used by industries, cities and public authorities. By September 2015, a governance structure will be set up and a road map will be implemented.

Current and future UERA members

Currently, 25 research organisations from 11 countries (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden) are participating to the creation of UERA. The organisation of national recruitment workshops is encouraged to develop the engagement of members.
UERA members are research operators, i.e. the supply side of research and apply to the alliance on a voluntary basis. This European alliance is built in a first step by research and technology organisations (RTOs) and universities of the JPI Urban Europe members’ countries. An extension to other European countries will be explored in a second step.