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 Joint Programming is a new collaborative approach to research and innovation in which countries come together to define a common vision, a strategic research agenda and agree on joint actions, in order to address the ‘grand challenges’ society is facing. These urban challenges are considered beyond the scope and resources of any one country to tackle and would benefit from a coordinated approach to research and innovation. In this sense JPI Urban Europe fosters not only an alignment of research programmes and strategies but provides an environment for bottom-up driven engagement of various urban actors. Becoming a full member of JPI Urban Europe requires an application of a governmental body responsible for urban research and innovation (ministry, research funding agencies, research council). Candidate members can download the PDF ’JPI UE Membership’. Besides this formal participation there are various opportunities for interested parties to join in specific activities or actions. The main offers are given below.

For research organisations

  • Join call for proposals which JPI Urban Europe issues annually. Depending on the countries participating in the joint calls, the related research community is invited to develop proposals with cities, business and other urban stakeholders. Learn more
  • Join the Urban Europe Research Alliance UERA) which is an alliance of research performing organisations, universities or applied research organisations dealing with urban research and innovation. Learn more
  • Join our conferences, workshops and other events. Research organisations are regularly invited to bring in their latest results, contribute to strategic debates on pressing urban matters and connect to other urban stakeholders for joint implementation activities. Learn more

For urban stakeholders, municipalities, industry, societal organisations, policy makers...

  • Join the JPI Urban Europe Stakeholder Platform. To facilitate a multi-stakeholder debate on urban sustainability and urban transition a transnational platform has been set up allowing various urban actors to contribute to the strategic development of JPI Urban Europe, exchange on latest experiences and strategies and identify possible cooperation opportunities. Learn more
    If you are interested to join the SIP, please contact Johannes Riegler
  • Join call for proposals which JPI Urban Europe issues annually. Depending on the countries participating in the joint calls, the related urban community is invited to team up with researchers to submit research and innovation projects. Learn more
  • Join our conferences, webinars and workshops to exchange with other experts on transnational level, learn about new experiences and solutions, gain benefits from scientific evidence for your urban transition pathways. Learn more

For funding agencies

Join the Funding Agencies Working Group. More than 25 funding agencies are currently active in the FAWG, exchanging on urban research and innovation programmes, implementing joint calls and designing a transnational framework for urban research and innovation. Even without a formal membership funding agencies are highly welcome to join the working group. Learn more

SIP Launching Event

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JPI Urban Europe offers several possibilities to join, contribute and connect; e.g. by becoming a member, joining the stakeholders platform or sign up for our newsletter.



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