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Stakeholder Involvement Platform (SIP)

Urban development is a complex matter and so is urban research and innovation. Municipalities (and regional authorities) are setting up and implementing strategies and development plans which should be informed by consolidated scientific findings and anticipate societal needs. Urban researchers and innovators at the same time have to consider specific urban settings and connect to various urban actors to ensure the highest impact of their research endeavours and serve our societies and citizens. To set up long-term research and innovation programme on urban transition requires an environment that facilitates a dialogue between the four main urban stakeholder groups – cities, business, society and research.
Together the articulated issues in our European cities have to be identified, possible solutions debated and disseminated, and thus a common research and innovation agenda defined and implemented.

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JPI UE support for stakeholders

When the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) was created, JPI UE already considered the importance of these stakeholders. The SRIA is thus the result of an extensive, co-creative process, involving various stakeholders to inform the SRIA on stakeholder specific priorities and reflect the strategy against national and local requirements. Since we are striving to support these stakeholders in their urban transition efforts it is crucial to continually involve them in our activities. In order to truly implement the SRIA we are exploring ways to connect and integrate urban stakeholders into the initiative and build a Stakeholder Involvement Platform (SIP).

Various forms of involvement

The SIP will provide a framework for different forms and degrees of involvement – from staying informed about the activities we do and following our progress, up to a regular engagement in the strategic debates and in joint efforts to support urban transition.

National and international scale

We envisage engaging with stakeholders at both the national and international scale. For example, on a national level we will gather actors so that we can inform them about our activities and how these affect them, whether they are a business, an educational institute or a municipality. We will encourage them to set-up projects when interesting and innovative ideas are expressed. Furthermore, not only will we inform stakeholders in society about us, we shall also connect them to each other; we will create forums where researchers, entrepreneurs, industry, local initiatives and representatives of civil society, and public authorities and policy makers can meet, talk to each other and offer their own perspectives on the problems they face.
On the European scale we facilitate strategic dialogues which fosters constructive debates about pressing issues that affects urban areas within Europe. Stakeholders will be able to take advantage of and exploit the results of our projects and the new instruments which we help develop. In addition to this, stakeholders will be able to forge international relationships which will be mutually beneficial in terms of Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) policies.

Ongoing involvement

Members will be kept involved through a variety of techniques. For example, our newsletters will keep members up to date with our projects as they progress. Furthermore, our social media presence will allow our members to interact with us at ease, no matter where they are. Once the SIP is set up it will vastly improve participation in terms of countries, regions, stakeholders, and urban actors. Moreover, it will foster an environment where our four main groups of stakeholders can co-create solutions together. Due to this structure, the SIP will be well equipped to consider the different logics and needs of the different countries, stakeholders, and urban actors. Ultimately, the SIP will facilitate the implementation of our Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) in the best possible way.


If you would like show your interest in the JPI Urban Europe SIP, please send a mail to Johannes Riegler,, Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG

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