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Get together without barriers? - conceptualizing a platform solution for fostering inclusion on urban labour markets

The project included partners from Vienna and Istanbul with backgrounds in academia, business and civil society. It addressed the issues of equal opportunities and inclusion of qualified yet potentially disadvantaged groups at urban labour markets and developed the concept of a fair job and recruiting platform

Project plan
In European cities there are large numbers of highly qualified but disadvantaged groups not being used in the labour market. If only these highly talented groups could be harnessed, many cities would become much more competitive and innovative, thus making them attractive business locations. G@together seeks to achieve this goal by focusing research on two key areas. Firstly, it will analyse the needs of these highly qualified jobseekers whilst looking at ways in which they are excluded from the labour market. Secondly, the project will research the needs of employers who are searching for those with specialised knowledge. Specifically, the research will take place in Vienna and Istanbul. In Vienna research will be focused on the needs of job seekers with migrant backgrounds who face barriers from fully utilizing their specialist knowledge. In Istanbul the project investigates the issue of gender equality and barriers facing highly qualified women which prevent them from fulfilling their potential. This research will form the basis for creating an innovative online platform which will be highly useable and accurate for both job seekers and employers.

Results and expected impact
Using a wide array of empirical material, the project argues that certain labour
market participants face several barriers leading to comparatively lower employment
rates, positions and salaries. On the other hand, Vienna and Istanbul would
benefit from improving framework conditions for labour market inclusion. A prominent
barrier is the first stage of the recruiting process which is particularly prone
to prejudices, stereotypes or (conscious or unconscious) discrimination. The job
platform concept developed in the project tackles this issue. It proposes a webbased
technology which manages the entire application and recruiting process and
implements several anti-discriminatory measures. It is a useful guideline and blueprint
for new job search platforms to be used e.g. by public employment services.

Contact persons

Andreas Schadauer
ZARA Zivilcourage und Anti-Rassismus-Arbeit (AT)


Istanbul Bilgi University (TR)

ZARA Zivilcourage und Anti-Rassismus-Arbeit (AT)

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