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Smart and Mobile Work in Growth Regions

Millions of Europeans commute as a part of their daily life. In fact, the number of European commuters is ever increasing; this of course leads to more problems in terms of congestion and mobility. So, it is important to find ways to make it not only more pleasant but also more sustainable. Smart Commuting is a project which aims to investigate how this is best done. It will identify the needs of mobile workers, and will then implement smart services that meet these needs. The project will use interviews, surveys and workshops to achieve its aims. The end goal of the project is to create an evaluation method that can be applied to schemes designed for suitability and feasibility of new mobility services. This will lead to high quality mobility services, such as car sharing platforms. Moreover, the project will also allow cities to scale up existing sustainable and intelligent mobility services. In the end, the project expects to come up with concrete policy recommendations and a script for a stakeholder process. The project will be conducted in Finland, Switzerland, and Austria.

Contact persons

Prof. Dr. Matti Vartiainen
Aalto University (FI)


AC2SG Software Oy (FI)

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (AT)

Aalto University (FI)

Growth Corridor Finland (FI)

ISTmobil GmbH3 (AT)

Office of Mobility in the canton of Basel-Stadt (CH)

Tuup Oy (FI)

Virta Ltd/Liikennevirta Oy (FI)

ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences (CH)

tbw research GesmbH (AT)

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