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Industrial Network and Institutional Perspectives on Economic Growth and Well-being

Many urban regions in Europe have been hit hard by the economic crisis, but some regions have been more resilient than others. The question is why. Our project will investigate how European regions have responded to economic shocks, how successful they have been in developing new industries, and whether economic resilience goes hand in hand with higher social well-being. Further more we want to research if regions that are strongly linked with other regions are more resilient, and which institutions and policy approaches have been more beneficial. These questions are investigated in quantitative analyses of regions in EU27, and a more in-depth analysis of 6 regions.


Budget: 1.043.730 EUR
Granted: 9.44.898 EUR

Duration of the project in months: 36


Project coordination:
The Netherlands Netherlands
Frank van Oort
Utrecht University

E: f.g.vanoort@uu.nl


  • London School of Economics
  • Lund University
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam