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Given a chance, we all are aiming at more sustainable working and living conditions.
This project targets to find out how new types of mobility concepts, such as electric
car sharing and Mobility as a Service, could support commuters’ needs. Various
research methods are used, but also implement new measures through the participating
companies. The goal is to assist different stakeholders to remove unnecessary
obstacles in the use of new innovative services – to help them in helping you to
make your lives a bit more sustainable.



Prof. Dr. Matti Vartiainen
Aalto University


  • Aalto University
  • AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
  • tbw research GesmbH
  • Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Forschung
  • Virta Ltd / Liikennevirta Oy
  • AC2SG Software Oy
  • Tuup Oy