JPI Urban Europe focusses on a transition to sustainable and liveable urban futures. Our projects are a vast resource of innovative and applicable solutions for the urban challenges we face. In order to be successful we need to bring together experts from various disciplines and sectors. This transdisciplinary approach will create opportunities for innovative projects and solutions.

Cities are welcome to validate and promote new concepts and results, strengthen involvement in research and innovation projects. Cities can benefit by contributing to the definition of new requirements for and implementation of new technologies establishing strong city partnerships along project clusters.

We want to involve cities in our workshops, local events and living labs.

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The Agora

The Agora – JPI Urban Europe’s Stakeholder Involvement Platform aims at creating the space to meet and exchange for urban actors with a diversity of background (researchers, practitioners, public administrators, entrepreneurs, social innovators, etc.), discussing current themes and priorities and identifying the most pressing urban challenges of today and the future.

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