The Urban Europe Research Alliance (UERA) is bringing together the research performing organisations and aims to strengthen, expand and optimise coordination activities and research planning in Europe in order to avoid fragmentation and optimise resources in the field of urban research and innovation capabilities.

UERA is one of the key initiatives of JPI Urban Europe. Currently UERA brings together around thirty European research organisations from thirteen different countries. We are creating a community of researchers, professors, and PhD students. Together this community will be able to conduct work which will advance scientific excellence in the field of urban research. This community is bound by research which uses approaches that are integrated, systemic, environmental, and socio-economical in their consideration.

Relationship with JPI Urban Europe

UERA is an initiative of JPI Urban Europe. This means we mainly contribute to the JPI UE’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) implementation. In this way, we participate to JPI UE’s Symposia, to the definitions of JPI UE’s calls and their priorities. We even facilitate the bringing together of research partners for new project proposals, which is one of JPI UE’s key aims. As the SRIA is designed as a living and progressive concept, UERA participates to the identification of new trends and to the exploration of new directions and issues.

Achieving UERA’s ambitions

We aim to strengthen, expand and optimise the European Development of new urban research and innovation capabilities. To achieve these ambitions a few goals need to be pursued. Firstly, we must create a shared vision on European urban research. Secondly, we must create common projects by pooling resources and integrating activities which will help up avoid fragmentation and optimise resources. Thirdly, we aim to share world-class national facilities such as data bases, observatories, and living labs. Not only will we pursue these goals but we shall also organise workshops and conferences, set up a coordinated exchange programme, and promote training. All of this will allow our members to gather, share, and disseminate their results. If we pursue these ambitions with full force, UERA could become a key player in dialogue at both the European and International level shaping and influencing policy processes.

Three central concepts

We organise ourselves around three central concepts which we call academy, campfire, and market place. The academy concept focuses on the acquisition, production and dissemination of urban research. Therefore, we strongly focus on the organisation of research symposia, on the development of teaching and learning through summer schools, joint PhD programmes or the creation of European Masters, and working on publications which disseminate our findings and productions. The campfire concept focuses on the manner in which we bring people together, and what is the most constructive way of doing so. This means we’re also focused on the development of frameworks and instruments which facilitates the networking of our organisations and its researchers.

We do this by creating Thematic Working Groups and developing partnerships with other initiatives like the European Educational Research Association (EERA) Joint Programme on Smart Cities. These will contribute to the European Union Research and Design programme, and other similar programmes. The final concept, market place, is focused on the sharing and development of research infrastructures and on the development of multi-partner projects. Here we really aim to look beyond individual fields and come up multi-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches which would dismantle unhelpful boundaries between research fields and professionals.


You are welcome to join UERA, it takes only two steps.

1. Application for UERA Membership
Fill in the Application form for UERA Membership and the UERA Member profile forms.

Download Application form for UERA Membership
Download UERA Member profile

Send both documents to the UERA coordinator Anne Ruas, anne.ruas@ifsttar.fr.

2. UERA Membership
If the General Assembly approves your application for UERA membership, then fill in and sign the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ and the ‘Member representative’ forms.
Send both documents to the UERA coordinator Anne Ruas, anne.ruas@ifsttar.fr.

UERA Strategy & Roadmap
UERA Terms of Reference



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