JPI Urban Europe at City Futures III Conference, Paris

The European Urban Research Association (EURA) and the Urban Affairs Association (UAA) will hold their third Joint Conference on City Futures in Paris on 18-20 June 2014. JPI Urban Europe will contribute to this conference in two sessions.
JPI Urban Europe, the EURA and other experts will jointly discuss the heterogeneous challenges European urban areas are facing and how they can be addressed in research.

Session 1: European Urban Challenges  2.00pm 18 June 2014

European cities are faced with complex challenges which are partly depending on local characteristics and circumstances, partly influenced by transnational and global events and trends.
Since the challenges are highly interrelated complexity increases in their combined impact. Furthermore, as European cities are very diverse in their social, cultural, infrastructure, economic, etc. conditions, the effects remain diverse, too.
Addressing urban issues requires therefore an integrated, trans- and interdisciplinary approach with a long-term perspective which JPI Urban Europe wants to support. The basis for the discussion are JPI Urban Europe’s ‘Policy Paper – a Screening of Urban Megatrends’ and ‘Urban Megatrends – Towards a European Research Agenda’.  Rick: onder de geel gemarkeerde titels een link naar deze documenten. Staan op de website onder DOCUMENTS

Session 2: European Urban Research Priorities   4.20pm 18 June 2014

Building on the panel discussion in JPI UE’s session on  Urban Areas across Europe, this session aims at elaborating research priorities, issues and needs for action in an interactive workshop setting. The aim is to reflect the challenges from a scientific and research perspective and to provide input to the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of JPI Urban Europe which is currently under development. This process aims at integrating views and priorities from all related stakeholder groups so that the agenda is built upon high commitment. Furthermore, the ambition is to highlight research approaches and questions that support an integrated, inter- and transdisciplinary approach and to consider the complexity of urban challenges.

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