JPI Urban Europe presents the 17 approved ENSCC projects

In the ERA-NET Cofund Smart Cities and Communities Call 17 projects were approved in December 2015.
After the first evaluation stage 32 consortia were invited to submit full proposals in September 2015. Now, 17 outstanding projects have been selected for funding and will be running for three years from the first half of 2016 onwards.
Funding agencies from twelve countries participate in the call with a total available budget of more than 28 million Euro.
Among the themes being covered are Smart Hospitality, Participatory Energy Management, Anticipation and Social Inclusion in Living Labs and Major Risks of Smart Transport Technologies.

Click here for an overview of the 17 ENSCC projects with links to project descriptions and further details.

HGS2Comment by Hans-Günther Schwarz on the approved ENSCC projects

Hans-Günther Schwarz, Coordinator of the ENSCC call, has been highly involved in the process leading to the 17 approved projects: 10 are basic reseach projects and 7 are applied research projects; 9 projects have call topic 2 as their main topic.
“We are satisfied with the portfolio and about the fact that many of the projects have been able to combine two or several topics which mirrors the aim of the call of integreating these urban questions. It’s a big satisfaction that we were able to fund at least one project for all of the participating funding agencies.” says Hans-Günther Schwarz. Mr Schwarz also points out the good co-operation within the call and the importance of a dynamic national network of actors: ­“As coordinator I’m happy that there is a readiness to help each other, like when Austria supported a project that could not get funding from Spain.





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