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The ERA-NET Cofund Smart Cities and Communities (ENSCC) call was our most ambitious call to date in terms of the scope of topics this call aimed to address. This call was the product of a joint effort with the Smart Cities Member States Initiative. Furthermore, we had the support of the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program. This call dealt with the topics of Smart Integrated Urban Energy and Transport Systems, Smart Tools and Services for the aforementioned systems, Smart and Big Data, and Smart Governance and Smart citizens. Due to the increased number of topics in this call, we thought it appropriate to expand the number of projects we funded.


Urban form, location choice and transport solutions for low-carbon cities

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Construction In Vicinities: Innovative Co-creation

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Community Data-Loops for energy-efficient urban lifestyles

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Smart decision support system for urban energy and transportation

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Decision-support environment for planning and integrating multi-energy networks and low-carbon resources in cities

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Innovative Policies for Sustainable Urban Transportation

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Integrated smart city mobility and energy platform

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PARticipatory platform for sustainable ENergy management

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Smart Commuting

Smart and Mobile Work in Growth Regions

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Smart Urban Isle

Smart bioclimatic low-carbon urban areas as innovative energy isles in the sustainable city

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Implementing low carbon social urban tourism solutions and creating citizen empowerment through Smart City Hospitality

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Improving Anticipation and Social Inclusion in Living Labs for Smart City Governance

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Exploiting Aggregated Open Data from Smart Cities in the Future Internet Society

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Advanced decision support for Smart Governance

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Space-Energy patterns for smart energy infrastructures, community reciprocities & related governance

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Sustainable and Resource Efficient Cities – holistic simulation and optimization for smart cities

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Smart Transfers through Unravelling Urban Form and Travel Flow Dynamics

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