Governing Board

Governing Board

The Governing Board (GB) is the ultimate decision-making authority of JPI Urban Europe and is responsible for the overall strategic orientation. All JPI Urban Europe members have a seat on the GB and are required to bring decision-making authority for their country.
A country can be an observer before deciding to become a full member.
The European Commission participates on a permanent basis as an observer.

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Ingolf Schädler

Chair of the Governing Board

BMVIT – Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (AT)

E-mail: Ingolf Schädler

Inger Gustafsson

Vice Chair of the Governing Board

VINNOVA – Swedish Government Agency for Research and Development (SE)

Email: Inger Gustafsson



Paola Clerici Maestosi

Vice Chair of the Governing Board

MIUR – Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (IT)
Email: Paola Clerici Maestosi

Henk Snoeken

Vice Chair of the Governing Board

I&M – Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (NL)

Email: Henk Snoeken



Austria Ingolf Schädler
Belgium Yves De Weerdt
Cyprus Leonidas Antoniou
Denmark Birte Holst Jørgensen
Finland Raine Hermans
France Antoine Fremont
Germany Isabel Vogler
Italy Paola Clerici Maestosi
Netherlands Henk Snoeken
Norway Mari Solerød
Slovenia Marko Perdih


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