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JPI Urban Europe is a knowledge hub for urban transitions towards sustainability, and we welcome anyone with a drive and concern to improve 21st century urban life. We connect public authorities, civil society, scientists, innovators, business, and industry to provide a new environment for research and innovation. Join us to share your expertise, learn, connect, and make a positive impact. Get involved!

Involvement platforms

Share knowledge and learn together with researchers and innovators across Europe and the globe. Choose from one or several means of involvement!

Online channels

Join the AGORA: JPI Urban Europe’s Stakeholder Involvement Platform

The AGORA Dialogues are spaces for researchers, practitioners, public administrators, planners, entrepreneurs, social innovators, and more to identify and work jointly on priorities and the most pressing urban challenges of today and the future.
Attendees to the AGORA Dialogues are after the events invited to an online stakeholder involvement platform for continued self-organised exchange.

Contact person: Johannes Riegler

To the Agora

Visit the Urban Lunch Talks

The Urban Lunch Talks is an interactive webinar series for you to discuss and synthesize cross-cutting R&I results with diverse stakeholders across Europe and beyond. The lunch talks present a variety of knowledges and have since 2018 attracted innovators, practitioners and researchers from over 45 countries. It is an easily accessible space for networking, learning and capacity building. You can listen to invited guests, chat, ask questions and share your ideas. What do you want to talk about? Nominate a guest!
Attendees to the lunch talks are after the events invited to an online stakeholder involvement platform for continued self-organised exchange.

Contact person: Katarina Schylberg

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The Urban Lunch Talks have since 2018 attracted innovators, practitioners and researchers from over 45 countries

For researchers: The Urban Transitions Pathways Symposiums (UTPS)

These annual symposiums targets academic researcher first hand. They take place in different European urban areas or online with the intention to contribute to programming processes in JPI Urban Europe, related to strategic research and innovation to realise urban transition pathways.

The symposiums sometimes take place back-to-back with events in the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) or Urban Europe Research Alliance (UERA).

Contact person: Jonas Bylund

Read more about the online symposium from 2020

For research organisations: The Urban Europe Research Alliance (UERA)

UERA is bringing together the research performing organisations and aims to strengthen, expand and optimise coordination activities and research planning in Europe in order to avoid fragmentation and optimise resources in the field of urban research and innovation capabilities.

Contact person: Anne Ruas

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Write and discuss cutting-edge urban transformation issues

JPI Urban Europe is a knowledge intense environment welcoming an open discussion also in between events and meetings. Help fuel the discussion, ask challenging questions and add to evidence-based policy recommendations and research results. Read and write under our blogs- and articles section.

To blogs and articles

Become a JPI Urban Europe supported project – join our calls!

To achieve the aim of transnational research coordination and cooperation, we prepare and facilitate calls for research and innovation projects. Depending on the countries participating in each of the joint calls, the related research community is invited to develop proposals with cities, business and other urban stakeholders.

JPI Urban Europe has in the past years come to grow into a community of many hundreds of researchers and practitioners all over Europe that exchange results and insights across projects, calls and countries. Projects supported in JPI Urban Europe benefit from established strategies on results dissemination and exploitation, and are active contributors to larger recurring events and arenas such as the Policy Conferences in Brussels, the AGORA Stakeholder Involvement Platform, the Urban Transitions Pathways Symposiums and popular cross-call Projects Meetings.

Projects are actively featured in online channels – be it social media, web or webinars like the Urban Lunch Talks. Here, the funded projects exchange impact stories with cities and relevant research and innovation stakeholders. Projects selected for funding meet-and-greet in a facilitated kick-off, to help collaboration and synergy effects between projects from the beginning.

As a project supported in JPI Urban Europe calls, you can look forward to supporting activities to enhance impact an co-learning across projects, places and calls.

  • During the project duration, you are welcomed to the Urban Lunch Talks to exchange and make sense of results on-the-go. Projects also co-write policy- and practice recommendations and network in LinkedIn groups or by means of facilitated matchmaking.
  • Supported projects meet in a half-time event together with relevant stakeholders to present their findings on-the-go and explore and spread capacities and results
  • Towards projects end, you come together to join forces for the future and synthesise results to outside user groups

Join our calls
What is it like to join a JPI Urban Europe call?

For funding agencies: Funding Agencies Working Group

More than 25 funding agencies are currently active in the Funding Agencies Working Group (FAWG), exchanging on urban research and innovation programmes, implementing joint calls and designing a transnational framework for urban research and innovation. Even without a formal membership funding agencies are highly welcome to join the working group.

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Membership in JPI Urban Europe

Becoming a full member of JPI Urban Europe requires an application of a governmental body responsible for urban research and innovation (ministry, research funding agencies, research council). Candidate members can download the PDF on JPI Urban Europe Membership. Besides this formal participation there are various opportunities for interested parties to join in specific activities or actions. The main offers are given below.

Contact us

The Driving Urban Transitions to a Sustainable Future (DUT) partnership proposal

As part of the preparation of the next European Research and Innovation Framework Programme – Horizon Europe – new mechanisms for public-public partnerships are under development. One of the candidates for such a European partnership is Driving Urban Transitions to a Sustainable Future (DUT).

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