ERA-NET Cofund Smart Cities and Communities (ENSCC)

The ERA-NET Cofund Smart Cities and Communities (ENSCC) call was our most ambitious call to date (2014) in terms of the scope of topics this call aimed to address.

This call was the product of a joint effort with the Smart Cities Member States Initiative. Furthermore, we had the support of the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program. This call dealt with the topics of Smart Integrated Urban Energy and Transport Systems, Smart Tools and Services for the aforementioned systems, Smart and Big Data, and Smart Governance and Smart citizens. Due to the increased number of topics in this call, we thought it appropriate to expand the number of projects we funded.

Funded projects

Smart Commuting
Smart Urban Isle

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Call topics

Topic 1: Smart Integrated Urban Energy and Transport systems
This call focused on the innovation and implementation of integrated low-carbon energy and transport systems on an urban scale. Regarding the first topic of this call, Smart Integrated Urban Energy and Transport Systems, we received proposals which carefully examined energy consumption related to its ecological footprint and methods which could change behaviour to reduce this footprint. Along with this we received proposals which looked at how to better integrate the energy systems found within urban European areas. This would have the result of systems working more efficiently, holistically, and synergistically.

Topic 2: Smart Tools and Services for Integrated urban energy and transport systems
However, to truly make these systems work we need the proper tools to manage them. This is why the second topic of this call, Smart Tools and Services for Integrated Urban Energy and Transport Systems, was necessary. Here too we received quite a few exciting proposals. Some of the proposals focused on new tools for the measurement of energy consumption, others looked at evaluating smart systems, and some even proposed to investigate the scale at which integration would best serve the needs of urban dwellers. These are just a few examples of the diverse range of topics which were proposed.

Topic 3: Smart and Big Data
The third topic of this call, Smart and Big Data, is integrally linked to the first two: to effectively integrate urban energy and transport and create the tools needed, a lot of data needs to be processed. Here we received proposals which sought to take advantage of open source data to create new facilities for those looking to tackle urban problems such as energy and transport integration. We also got very interesting proposals seeking to use data such as social media in useful ways, such as creating and designing transport infrastructure by taking into account social media and open source data in the planning process. We even had projects which examined specific kinds of data, such as emissions data to create useful models for infrastructure planning.

Topic 4: Smart Governance and Smart Citizens
The final topic in this call, Smart Governance and Smart Citizens, tied together the other topics of this call. We looked at proposals which aimed to integrate key urban stakeholders into the planning and policy process when it came to designing energy and transportation infrastructure. For example, we looked at proposals which sought to involve citizens in efforts to minimise construction disruption in their urban areas. We also looked at projects seeking to research living labs and how these can be honed for the benefit of research quality.

Proposals and funding

For the ENSCC call we received 79 pre-proposals. In the end after much careful consideration we chose the seventeen best projects. We believe these projects will work together with the projects of the first two calls to achieve our Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), which outlines our long term goals. We are confident that these projects will produce some very useful research outcomes. 16 funding agencies from 12 countries participated in this call. Austria (FFG) and the Netherlands (NWO) ran the Call Secretariat

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