Management Board

The Management Board (MB) is JPI Urban Europe’s executive body and is supported by a Management Board Secretariat.

Margit Noll (FFG)
Management Board Chair – Strategy and Coordination

Margit Noll is Chair of the Management Board of JPI Urban Europe since 2015. She has been involved in the development of the JPI Urban Europe from the beginning in 2009 and is in charge of the strategic development and the implementation of the programme, comprising international outreach, establishment of strategic partnerships and of a stakeholder involvement. Margit has 15 years’ experience in research management and strategy development. Until 2016 she was also responsible for Corporate Strategy at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. She has a PhD in physics and a MBA in general management. Margit is employed by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG

Arjan van Binsbergen (TU Delft)
MB Joint Calls, Coordination FAWG

Arjan van Binsbergen is member of the JPI Urban Europe Management Board since 2013 and responsible for the Joint Calls. He has been involved in JPI Urban Europe from the beginning in 2009, first as representative for the Netherlands’ funding agency Dinalog, later as chairman of the Funding Agencies Working Group (FAWG).  Arjan has some 15 year experience in supporting interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary programmes. His was advisor for strategic transport and mobility plans of the Netherlands Ministry of Transport and various transport conferences. At the TU Delft he is associated professor and from there seconded to NWO.

Katarina Schylberg (IQS)
MB Communication & Dissemination

Katarina Schylberg is a member of JPI Urban Europe management since 2015 leading the communication and dissemination activities with a particular focus on organizing events and dissemination of results from research projects and JPI UE activities. Katarina is employed at IQS (The Swedish Centre for Innovation and Quality in the Built Environment) since September 2012 and has been involved in JPI Urban Europe since 2013. She has twenty years of experience of working in the field of urban sustainable development, from private and public sector, most recently as a special advisor at the Swedish Delegation for Sustainable Cities (2008-2012) appointed by the Swedish government. Katarina holds a MA in Landscape Architecture from the Swedish Agricultural University and a research licentiate degree in Architecture and Infrastructure from Luleå University of Technology.

Jonas Bylund (IQS)
Research & Innovation

Jonas Bylund is part of the JPI Urban Europe Management Board since 2013. His main responsibility is science-policy communication and to develop urban research and innovation funding calls with affiliated funding agencies as well as strategic other initiatives. Since 2013 he is also employed at IQS, the Swedish Centre for Innovation and Quality in the Built Environment. He is trained in human geography and social anthropology, with a specific research focus on the knowledge practices in planning and environmental sciences. His PhD thesis Planning, Projects, Practice (2006) investigated a national investment programme concerning new environmental technologies in the case of Stockholm urban development and was an attempt to translate actor-network theory into planning studies. He is an experienced lecturer in urban and regional planning, with a particular focus on epistemology and ontology in the social sciences. He is also a consultant with Urbanalys.

Gilda Massa (ENEA)
MB Alignment

Gilda Massa is member of JPI Urban Europe Management Board from 2016 as responsible of Alignment Activities. Gilda is an Engineer ( Management Engineer ) and she worked for the International Labour Organization as coordinator of activity for international cooperation of Campania Region and senior expert for strategical analysis of National and Regional Programmes with the aim of strengthen opportunity and synergies. Since 2006 she is a researcher in ENEA, Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, and is in charge of projects of interoperability and optimization of industrial networks.

Anne Ruas (Ifsttar)
MB Urban Europe Research Alliance

Anne Ruas is member of JPI Urban European Management Board since 2017 as Coordinator of UERA, the JPI UE research alliance of JPI Urban Europe. Anne is an Engineer Geographer, specialist in Geomatics. She was trained at the French National Mapping Agency (IGN) where she made research and lead a research laboratory for 11 years. She managed several research projects including one on urban sprawl simulation, (GeOpenSim), one on relationships between the evolution of population and equipment (GeoPeuple) and recently one on urban climate (RepExtrem). She is currently animating research at the French research institute for Transport, Development and Network (IFSTTAR) on sustainable cities and she is the coordinator of the Sense-city climatic chamber to perform experiences on small district to improve knowledge on sensors, models and material for cities.

Johannes Riegler (FFG)
Stakeholder Involvement Officer

Johannes Riegler started working with the JPI Urban Europe Management Board in 2012. As an assistant to the Chair of the Management Board, his work spans from strategic issues, stakeholder involvement process development and implementation to the preparing and facilitating JPI Urban Europe related events and activities. Furthermore, he is involved in the H2020 funded URBAN-EU-CHINA project where he ensures the exchange and communication between JPI Urban Europe and the project. Johannes holds a B.Sc. in Geography and Regional Science as well as a MA in the UNICA 4cities Urban Studies programme. He conducted his studies in Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen, Madrid, Budapest and Klagenfurt. Johannes is employed by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG.





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