Programme Management

Programme Management

The successful implementation of JPI Urban Europe’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) will require continuous and careful Programme Management. We need to ensure the cross-fertilisation of research results and methods amongst and between the different projects and calls, so the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

This also implies that our stakeholders (research, cities, society & business) need to be involved in the different activities and collectively contribute to the ambitions of JPI Urban Europe. In this context, the overall goal of our Programme Management is to stimulate a community of research, innovation and practice around the common challenges faced by European cities and urban areas. Such a community demands the presence of formal and informal networks between researchers and urban stakeholders, structural opportunities to exchange knowledge and experiences, as well as instruments that create a milieu where both researchers and stakeholders are actively involved in the valorisation, implementation and dissemination of research outcomes beyond the scope of individual projects.

Central tasks

The central tasks of the Programme Management can be defined as follows:

  • Community Building: fostering the exchange between JPI Urban Europe’s projects and their partners including scientists, city actors and entrepreneurs to build a coherent and integrated RDI programme.
  • Exploitation: Strengthening the exploitation of project results by establishing formats and providing a platform for exchange and dissemination.
  • Portfolio management: Generating feedback loops of project results into the strategic development and the call agenda and, thus, ensuring a thorough management of the JPI Urban Europe’s portfolio.
  • Project monitoring: Monitoring the projects’ progress and connecting it to the SRIA priorities.


Projects results and stakeholder’s needs

More specifically, the Programme Management will support the portfolio management by analysing and mapping the JPI Urban Europe’s project results and stakeholder’s needs. By bringing together the project participants and relevant end-users in different activities, the Programme Management will facilitate the use of results and products after the projects’ ends to help bridging the implementation gap.
Annual project meetings of all running JPI UE projects as well as dedicated thematic events are carried out to share lessons learnt, spread best practices and mobilise follow-up actions.




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