JPI Urban Europe Online Project Monitoring Tool

Guidelines for Awarded Projects - Progress Monitoring (PM) Module

General Information

The project progress monitoring form, available via, is to be completed by the transnational consortium lead, with active support from all other project partners,

      • once after the start of the transnational project („initial survey“)

and is to be updated and complemented

      • after every project year („annual survey“) and
      • at the end of the transnational project („final survey“).

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are to be completed or updated already in the initial survey. During the annual and final surveys, a yearly Joint Annual Project Progress Report has to be uploaded to the „File Upload“ section at the bottom of the form.

Entries can be saved by clicking on the „Save“ button at the bottom of the form. By clicking on the „Finalise“ button, the survey is completed and an automatic notification is sent to the Call Secretariat and Project Contact Point. However, needed changes can be made at any given moment by accessing the form again.

The project progress monitoring form may be complemented by additional surveys for projects in the different stages. In this case, transnational consortium leads will be approached separately by the Call Secretariat or Project Contact Point.


Information on Specific Data Fields

Project Information

Abstract (*)
Please regularly update your abstract from the proposal submission phase.

Project Keywords (*, max. 5)
Please regularly update your project keywords from the proposal submission phase. Separate your entries with comma (without blanks between different entries).

Scientific Disciplines (*)
Which scientific disciplines are involved in the project (on project level)? Please use the field of science and technology classification. Further details can be found in: (Annex 1)

Please note that the naming of the classes in this survey, for reasons of clarity, differs from the original classification but that the respective science fields behind the names are the same.

Project Organisations

Project Partners
This table initially shows all project partners from your project funded through the respective call based on the database entries. If non-funded project partners were registered during the submission, they are listed as well.

At the end of the table, you are asked to add relevant additional non-funded cooperation partners/stakeholders via the „Add Further Non-Funded Partner“ button.

Further Explanation Types of Organisation: Other Public/Governmental Institution: e.g. hospital, other public utility, public infrastructure company; Special Interest Group: e.g. union, chamber.

Staff Figures (*)
Please regularly update the figures from the proposal submission phase. Please only consider personnel financed directly by your project. State full-time equivalents for the different categories.

Further Explanation: Project Coordinator = Transnational Consortium Lead

Interactions with Stakeholders
(Note: Only relevant if other than research partners are involved in the project.)

Please give the kind of interactions that have been planned or realised to take place within the project between stakeholders and research partners. Enter the planned interactions in the initial survey and rate how effectively they contribute to co-create urban innovations (on a scale from 1 = low to 5 = high) in the annual and final surveys.

For any questions, please contact:

Johannes Bockstefl
Tel.: +43-(0)5 7755-5042




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