Over 20 participants confirmed to attend the thematic Agora workshop for connecting knowledge and expertise including representatives from H2020, JPI UE and nationally funded research projects. The workshop will feed into the alignment of national R&I activities, the development of specific joint measure. Furthermore, it is intended to provide recommendations for evidence based policy development. Follow the discussions on twitter using #AgoraWS.

The EU-28 saw a steep rise in the numbers of applications for asylum starting in recent years and is faced with high numbers of incoming migrants due to crises and war in the Middle-East, Africa and South and Central Asia. Although policies are mainly made on national level, urban areas across Europe have been affected the most by the changing demographics. Countries, cities and neighbourhoods show a different ability and strategies to deal with the questions arising with the arriving of large numbers of incoming people such as a.) social, cultural and structural integration b.) tendencies of segregation c.) and service provision. Within the workshop, experts will discuss these challenges and exchange their experience and knowledge.

The JPI Urban Europe organises this one day workshop to bring together the knowledge and expertise from experts and research projects dealing with migration, forced displacement and social integration across Europe. The aim is to identify the potential for further joint activities among the JPI Urban Europe members, workshop participants and a wider group of experts. This workshop will contribute to the strategic discussions within JPI Urban Europe regarding the alignment of national R&I activities as well as the development of specific joint measures. It is intended to provide recommendations for evidence based policy development.

This workshop will be an event organised in the course of The Agora – JPI Urban Europe’s Stakeholder Involvement Platform which aims at creating the space to meet and exchange for urban actors with a diversity of background (researchers, practitioners, public administrators, entrepreneurs, social innovators, etc.), discussing current urban themes and priorities and addressing the most pressing urban challenges of today and the future. The Agora will use various formats to facilitate thematic debates and strategic reflections.

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JPI Urban Europe’s Stakeholder Involvement Platform

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Johannes Riegler
assistant to the JPI Urban Europe Management Board

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