Interethnic Coexistence in European Cities

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Interethnic Coexistence in European Cities – A comparative and applied oriented analysis of neighbourhood-related policies

Modern European cities and urban areas have become incredibly diverse and vibrant places to live. Unlike in the past, urban neighbourhoods are now a kaleidoscope of cultures and ethnicities, reflecting a new kind of super diversity. However, this does not mean that they are free of problems. Many issues that arise within a super diverse neighbourhood are a microcosm of the problems faced on a city-scale. Therefore, municipalities have given great attention to conducting research with a territorial focus through neighbourhood based initiatives because these problems require locally designed solutions. The Interethnic Coexistence in European Cities (ICEC) project seeks to analyse these territorial approaches to neighbourhood problems. ICEC takes a systematic comparison of the aims, structural features, and outcomes of neighbourhood development programs in Amsterdam, Vienna, and Stockholm. The project focuses on two core questions: firstly, which political measures are the most adequate for strengthening the integrative power of an urban neighbourhood? Secondly, how can cities promote interethnic coexistence in the local context? By exploring these questions ICEC will initiate an evaluation and exchange of good practises between these three European cities.

Contact persons

Dr. Yvonne Franz
Austrian Academy of Sciences (AT)
T: +43 (0)1 51581 3527


Austrian Academy of Sciences (AT)

HuB Architekten ZT KG representing the Urban Renewal Office for the Districts 7/8/16 (AT)

Klerings Architekten Ziviltechniker Gesellschaft GmbH (AT)

Municipality of Amsterdam (NL)

Royal Institute of Technology (SE)

Stockholm County Council (SE)

University of Amsterdam (NL)

• Wohnbauvereinigung für Privatangestellte Gemeinnützige GmbH representing the Urban Renewal Office for the Districts 6/14/15 (AT)

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