Connecting the dots in Uruguay

Right after “Exploring Urban Transformation Capacities in Brazil” Margit Noll, CEO of DUT and myself had the pleasure to continue our journey through Latin America with a stop to Montevideo, Uruguay. What a fantastic and inspiring place with a high quality of life this city is. Side fact: Did you for example know that Uruguay runs on 98% of renewable energy?

We spent some packed days assessing opportunities for cooperation between Uruguayan and inter-american funders and DUT Partnership / JPI Urban Europe .
We met with Uruguayan Agency for International Cooperation (Claudia Romano and team), ANII (Ana Vasquez Herrera , Marcos Algorta Roig , Nancy Ghan , Flavio Caiafa ), Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI) (Marcos Regis da Silva and Anna M. Stewart; but dearly missed Nicole Arbour) and Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Minería (Sebastián Lattanzio and colleagues).

We will continue the conversation, explore how urban transformation in Uruguay / Latin America connect to the three DUT Transition Pathways in detail and explore cooperation opportunities further.

Thanks for the support ENRICH in LAC , Berna Windischbaur , Anneken Reise !





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