Driving Urban Transitions in Africa: Regenerative neighbourhoods.

On 02nd November, the third and final workshop of the on “Driving Urban Transitions towards Sustainable and Just Urban Futures in Africa” organised by JPI Urban Europe/DUT, START and ICLEI Africa took place. After workshops on “15-Minute Cities for African Urban Areas” and “Just Energy Transitions in Africa” the final event’s focus was on “Regenerative Neighbourhoods for African Urban Areas”. This event brought together about 25 urban actors across Africa to develop visions on just, sustainable and livable regenerative neighbourhoods, discussing the pathways to make those visions a reality, how international cooperation can support local urban transitions and identify access points to jointly address issues, challenges and dilemmas in cooperatively between Europe and Africa.

Some key findings of the workshops:

  • Regenerative urbanism goes way beyond circular economy and nature-based solutions: include housing, health, security and safety issues and long-term infrastructures to the list!
  • Urban areas should be understood and developed as hybrid systems connecting human activities with nature and ecosystems
  • Accountability and education are essential to drive the transformation
  • Embed nature into the built environment through urban gardens, green roofs etc. contributing to improved community health and food security.
  • Invest in resilient infrastructure, sustainable public transport systems, and access to communal facilities that are well maintained and support future generations.
  • Incorporate small-scale entrepreneurs in markets, and provide local barter for food, services, and local economies.
  • Improve social cohesion through the integration of income, ethnic, religious, and vulnerable groups within society.
  • Ensure effective collection systems for reusable materials, the efficient use of resources and the utilisation of renewable energy.

The results of the webinar series will be summarised in a joint publication / report by DUT, START and ICLEI Africa. This report will be published in 2023 and aims to build the basis for further exchange and cooperation between the three organising organisations. Furthermore, the outcomes of the workshops will be used for organizing upcoming activities and inform discussions with funding agencies, ministries and other (funding) organizations working on urban transitions in Africa for cooperation opportunities.

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