DUT Stakeholder Consultation

This is an advance notice that we will soon be reaching out to you – our DUT stakeholder community – with a survey on challenges and priorities for the 2023 DUT Call. This stakeholder consultation will be released in January 2023:

Opening: January 9, 2023

Closing: February 6, 2023

The goal of this consultation is to 1) assess the relevance of challenges and priorities, 2) identify missing gaps, and 3) provide input for our next, more dialogue-oriented format of AGORA.

It has become clear over the past decade that we need strong collaborative efforts to drive much needed urban transformation. We, as DUT Partnership, not only require this from the R&I projects we support but also hold this ambition for ourselves. Hence, cooperation, consultation and co-creation with urban stakeholders is a key objective to create a well-known research and innovation platform that will help cities become more sustainable, inclusive and liveable. Help us to make this a reality.




Please click here for the frequently asked questions we collected.
If you have an additional questions you are welcome to mail us at info@jpi-urbaneurope.eu