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Over the last decade, experimental approaches such as urban living labs have become widely spread across Europe and the world. Urban living labs (ULLs) are tools for transforming urban areas by engaging different publics, from local public administrations and residents, to businesses, NGOs, civil society organisations, and more. Experimental approaches like ULLs can facilitate the co-design of radical transitions towards greater liveability in urban areas. DUT invites urban living lab managers to join the workshop “Experiments for designing radical urban transitions” to exchange perspectives, experiences and ideas. You have the opportunity to share your insights about the requirements to take the big leaps forward towards sustainability and

This workshop aims at providing a platform for urban living labs managers to connect, discuss and learn from each other. You will be identifying critical features, methodologies and aspects, which facilitate learning in and from urban living lab experiments. This includes identifying challenges, barriers and potentials for radical urban transformations. Additionally, we will discuss the essential conditions for ULLs such as funding requirements, open governance structures and understanding participatory and co-creative process designs for applying urban living labs designing (radical) urban transitions.

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28 March 2023
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm






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