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Addressing the challenges in urban areas are crucial to solve the overarching grand societal and planetary challenges in the contemporary world. While goals and strategies, such as Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals are global ambitions, enhancing sustainability and liveability on local urban scale is key. This workshop aims at developing visions on sustainable and liveable urban areas in Africa, discuss the pathways to make those visions a reality and how international cooperation can support local urban transitions.

The concept of 15-minute cities provides a framework for a fundamental redesign and the chance to overcome path-dependent developments. 15-minute cities are characterized by compact, integrated city or neighborhood structures with a high degree of self-sufficiency and local sustainability. Further, they are tightly interlinked with adjacent neighborhoods and integrated in an effective interregional transportation network and sustainable supply chains. A fair public spaces distribution is required to encourage active mobility modes. Mobility within urban areas is complemented with easy to access longer-distance modes which connect regionally. In terms of sustainable supply chains for goods and services, there is the need for bundling resources through cooperation, coordination and sharing among shippers, carriers as well as users and integrating environmentally friendly transport modes, alternative vehicles and active mobility for delivering goods and services.

Aim of Workshop

  • Identify the most pressing issues, challenges and dilemmas regarding Driving Urban Transitions in African countries
  • Identify access points to jointly address those issues, challenges and dilemmas in cooperative schemes
  • Exchange around opportunities for international stakeholders to continue the dialogue and engage in the partnership

What you can expect from the workshop?

  • Exchange with peers and experts addressing urban challenges and transforming urban areas to sustainable and livable places
  • Co-creation: engage in interactive exercises to jointly reflect on how urban actors such as local administrations, municipalities, businesses, researchers, social innovators and inhabitants can drive transformations
  • Contribute to a collaborative publication at the end of the workshop series
  • Networking: You are welcome to connect to the AGORA community, the network of urban actors maintained by JPI Urban Europe


This workshop is part of the “Driving Urban Transition towards Sustainable and Just Futures in Africa” workshop series organised by JPI Urban Europe, START and ICLEI Africa. Upcoming workshops of the series are:

Workshop 2: Circular and Regenerative Urban Economies in African Urban Areas
Date: TBA (February 2022)
Workshop 3: Just Energy Transitions in African Urban Areas
Date: TBA (April 2022)

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22 September 2021
2:30 pm - 6:30 pm




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