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  • Yes, JPI UE also operates on an intercontinental level.
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  • There are several ways to engage in JPI UE without becoming a member.
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  • No. Joint Programming is about interested countries defining common strategies and putting together national resources to tackle a common challenge. By definition, Joint Programming Initiatives will be mainly funded by participating countries. However, the complementary use of Community funding is not excluded.

  • The Commission mainly acts as an observer and a facilitator.
    The Commission can also take other initiatives to promote JP in this area, such as providing “ad-hoc” and complementary measures to support
    The Commission can also contribute to the implementation of this initiative using the existing financial instruments such as the Framework Programme for Research.
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  • Joint Programming is an instrument which was launched by the European Commission in 2008. It was designed for the implementation of the European Research Area (ERA) which aims to promote strategic cooperation between EU Member States and associated countries. The instrument is designed to focus on reducing fragmentation in research whilst simultaneously strengthening research and innovation projects by having European countries and actors voluntarily work together and align their national interests. This way they can achieve outcomes on a much larger scale, leading to much more complex research results which can be compared and contrasted across nations.