Six Making Cities Work projects approved

In April six projects were approved in the Making Cities Work call. The projects will now start solve concrete urban challenges, developing proof of concept and learning in the process.
Unlike the former calls of JPI Urban Europe, Making Cities Work is not a call for research projects, but for challenge driven projects, making use of research results addressing the call’s topic.
− Working this way is also useful in that we get closer to JPI Urban Europe’s main stakeholders – the cities. By including our main stakeholders this way, in the process of developing the call and make their active participation in the projects, we make sure the output of our efforts is useful for them says Mari Solerod, member of the Making Cities Work call working group and Vice Chair of the JPI Urban Europe Management Board.Successful Making Cities Work projects should make use of knowledge already produced to solve concrete urban challenges, developing proof of concept and learning in the process. The concrete challenge should be the starting point, giving direction to transdisciplinary co-creation between the problem owners – the cities – and industry, researchers and urban NGOs.Mari Solerod continues: − Making Cities Work will fund innovation projects that focus on developing proof of concept, that are transdisciplinary and make way for learning and exchange in cities throughout Europe. The core of the projects is the collaboration between the problem owners, the cities, and those who can help them to solve the problems – the industry, the researchers and the NGOs. Making Cities Work is a pilot for what we call Innovation Actions Mari Solerod concludes.

The following projects were approved after the expert panel meeting in Stockholm in April 2018: 

e-Inform & enlight – Digital Citizen participation and transparent decisions
MIMIC – Minimizing impact of construction material flows in cities: Innovative Co-Creation
OptiMaaS – Optimized Mobility as a Service
PlaceCity – Placemaking for sustainable, thriving cities
SimpliCITY – Marketplace for user-centered sustainability services platform
SYNCITY – Synergetic Cities for Europe

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