Announcing the 2022 Urban Lunch Talks series

Can you picture an urban future where sustainability targets have been realised? This year we will explore and envision the cities of the future. Urban mobility, regenerative cities, liveability, urban governance, pick your favorite!

Urban Lunch Talks underway

In 2021 we welcomed you to a series of Urban Lunch Talks on the three Driving Urban Transitions Pillars.  We learned about methods and capacities needed to create the necessary transition pathways. Now, what if the pathways actually work? What if the future is bright and we succeed with the transformation of urban areas?

To explore this, we will in 2022 target the second part of our proposed partnership’s name: “Sustainable futures”. What will they look and be like, based on the latest research and innovation knowledge? Stay tuned for the following episodes:

Episode 19 Envisioning a sustainable future: When 15 min cities are realised in China and Europe (27 January, 2022)

Episode 20 Envisioning a sustainable future: When urban transitions have succeeded (April 2022)

Episode 21 Envisioning a sustainable future: When urban experimentation is the new normal (June 2022)

Episode 22 Envisioning a sustainable future: When urban Africa leads the way (September 2022)

Episode 23 Envisioning a sustainable future: When your city is regenerative (October 2022)

Questions to be explored

  • How will sustainable urban futures look in different parts of the world?
  • Will we handle similar or different dilemmas in the future (considering that dilemmas will always be around)?
  • How will we live and work? What evidence is there?
  • Can we expect cities across globe to attend to similar transitions and changes in way-of-life (by means of consumption, comfort, service, circularity, sharing economy, food, travels, material usage at large, transport infrastructure), if not – is that a problem?
  • Can new R&I results and insights help us discuss what city life and development is (and must be) in the future?


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