Baukultur, liveability and ICT: Welcome to Urban Lunch Talk #8 about public space dilemmas

On Thursday November 14, it is time for the webinar “From public space to liveability case”. In this episode of the Urban Lunch Talks, invited speakers lay out ideas for transition pathways in public space dilemmas.¬†


There are several dilemmas (competing goals, interests, strategies, etc.) involved in the development and maintenance of urban public space. Ideally, city stakeholders can integrate issues such as climate, energy, mobility, inclusivness, placemaking and liveability. However, addressing one issue or challenge in an urban context might have negative effects in another area. What actions should innovators, businesses, researchers, civil servants and policy makers attend to, in order to work successfully with the dilemma of public space? What can you do in your specific role? How can cities and national stakeholders contribute to high-quality Baukultur, and what does it mean? Listen to the invitied speakers from Slovenia and Switzerland, and exchange with fellow participants in the chat, Q&A and polls.

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