Cities’ challenges and needs using geofencing technologies

Make your voice heard! Help ENUAC project GeoSence learn more about cities' challenges and needs with geofencing technologies. The online questionnaire is aimed at members in the administrations of European cities and regions to investigate their needs and experiences with the geofencing technology and systems.

GeoSence is an EU project under the ERA-NET Cofund Urban Accessibility and Connectivity (ENUAC) call. It explores Geofencing strategies for implementation in urban traffic management and planning and will develop solutions for the use of geofence technology and systems that will help improve safety, traffic flow and environmental impacts in urban areas.

To get there, and gain more knowledge along the way, an online questionnaire has been launched to survey the administration in European cities and regions to hear about your needs and experiences with the geofencing technology and systems.

This survey is aimed at employees of municipal, local or regional authorities who deal with the topic of transport and mobility. In particular, we are looking for respondents who work on solutions in the field of intelligent transport systems and for whom geofencing already is, or in future could become, part of their services, even if there are no previous experiences with the topic yet.

Take the survey!

The survey closes on 15 march 2022.

The survey takes approximately 10-15 minutes. The survey is completely anonymous and no personal information will be obtained in the course of the survey. Answers will remain strictly confidential. The obtained data will be processed only for scientific purposes within the GeoSence project and only by members of the project team. Data analysis will be done by aggregating information from all survey respondents. It is planned to be publicly published as parts of the results of the GeoSence project. It is hosted at the Saxon education portal in Germany. It is possible to complete some of the survey and pick up where the respondent left off.




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