URBACT Lead Expert Piotr Wołkowiński about the virtual AGORA “From ambitions to local action”

During the recent JPI Urban Europe AGORA dialogue ‘From ambitions to local action: Co-designing a programme for urban research, innovation and experimentation,’ Piotr Wołkowiński made a few reflections based on his experiences as an URBACT lead expert, an UIA expert, as a person responsible for the partnerial relations of the Gdansk/Gdynia/Sopot metropolitan area, and someone who is concerned with issues of urban well-being and livability.

In his reflections, Piotr brings up possibilites for impact management, methods of distribution of financial resources and replication/sharing/dissemination.

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Piotr is a URBACT lead expert, UIA expert, responsible for partnership and animation of the Gdańsk metropolitan area, member of GECES (prev), partner of a Polish project on responsible procurement, specialist in partnership, participation, social and solidarity economy and local development




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