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Cooperative City in Quarantine is a project by Eutropian in partnership with URBACT, Generative-Commons, and JPI Urban Europe supported project PlaceCity. The Cooperative City Magazine is run by Eutropian, based in Vienna, Austria. The company is working with various European cities and partners in order to improve the urban tissue, involve citizens and defend their rights to the city. 

In these hard times, we are facing globally challenges that scare us, that make us feel lonely in the isolation of our homes. Yet this is the time to gather forces and find common solutions. People throughout Europe are finding the strength the develop solidarity and collaborative initiatives that can help us get through. Cooperative City in Quarantine aims at sharing these stories with you, to open a space for dialogue and reassure ourselves we are not alone in this. See upcoming Cooperative City in Quarantine events below!

12 June:
Cooperative City in Quarantine #13 SOCIAL INCLUSION

The lockdown made the inequalities in our societies boldly visible. What are the biggest challenges that vulnerable citizens are facing? Which of these are new and which have been radicalised by the crisis? What are the emerging issues that we need to find better solutions to? What kinds of financial support and solidarity structures are needed to truly socially include every member of the society?

Guests include:
Adam Curtis, Nabolagshager (Norway)
Rozina Spinnoy, BIDs Belgium from Brussels
Giulia Maci – Cities Alliance
Işın Önol – New York curator, Columbia University, NY, US
Rui Franco – Deputy City Councillor for Housing and Local Development of the City of Lisbon
Minouche Besters – Placemaking EU
Moderators: Bahanur Nasya and Daniela Patti (Eutropian)
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19 June:
Cooperative City in Quarantine #14 :
Planning the new cooperative city after COVID-19
– Building on existing efforts towards social economy
“Cooperative City has accompanied us throughout the quarantine and, as life is slowly returning to some form of normality, it’s now time to think of what is ahead of us. This Friday will be our last quarantine episode and based on the exchange that has taken place so far, we will use this opportunity to identify some guidelines on Planning post-COVID-19 cooperative cities. We want to build upon all the efforts that have been developed up to now and we want our efforts to be geared towards social economy. During the episode the “Planning post-COVID-19 cooperative cities Manifesto” will be presented.”
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