Findings from the Urban Migration Call

In 2019, JPI Urban Europe issued a call on Urban Migration. It sought to bring together transdisciplinary, international teams of researchers, practitioners, and those active in migrant communities to align primary research with existing knowledge and facilitate exchange for a greater understanding of urban migration across Europe at a local and national level.

For two years, from January 2021 to January 2023, eight research projects looked into the state of migration in the context of Europe’s cities: who it involves, what their experiences are, and what impact it has on the function of cities. The studies contribute valuable, contemporary insights into the tapestry of the migrant landscape in urban environments.

This serves as a valuable resource for municipalities who want to understand and respond to migration in their region. To aid this process further, JPI Urban Europe has collaborated with the team over at Urban Future to synthesise the findings into a series of quick-reference guides suited to the non-academic reader:

  1. Exactly What Is Urban Migration?
  2. Why is the Integration of Migrants Important in European Cities?
  3. The Challenges of Urban Migration in European Cities
  4. Challenges & Solutions for Migrant Housing in European Cities
  5. Gendered Issues in Urban Migration & Integration in European Cities
  6. The Role of NGOs in Facilitating Migrant Integration in European Cities
  7. Tools for Cities to Facilitate Migrant Integration in European Communities
  8. Policy Recommendations & Mechanisms That Support Urban Migrant Experiences


Read the recently published project results catalogue to get a brief introduction of each of the projects and some of their main findings.




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