Influencing the Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda

JPI Urban Europe’s Scientific Advisory Board elaborated the final outline of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). This paper summarizes the framework and main orientation of our Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda which we now want to put forward for a national consultation. We in particular invite those countries not formally members of JPI Urban Europe yet but participating in some of our joint activities and calls to contribute to this consultation. It gives all interested countries the opportunity to influence the agenda setting and bring in your national priorities and views.

Questionnaire for input

Amongst other methods to receive a comprehensive feedback from the national communities we developed a questionnaire that aims at a first insight into individual or organisational views and priorities. These inputs will allow to gain an overview across countries and stakeholders. The responses will be analysed by JPI Urban Europe’s Management Board on a European level. The results will be published on this website.

Filling out the questionnaire takes around fifteen minutes. Please follow the link to the questionnaire. In case of questions regarding the questionnaire, respondents are asked to send an email to

The deadline for filling out the questionnaire is Monday 1st of June.

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