Information Webinar for Applicants for the Positive Energy Districts and Neighbourhoods Call

JPI Urban Europe is pleased to invite you to a webinar for applicants for the call Positive Energy Districts and Neighbourhoods organised by the PED Programme (JPI Urban Europe / SET Plan Action 3.2 on Smart Cities and Communities) on 14 May, 2020, 10.30-11.45 CEST.

With this first of a series of calls on the topic of Positive Energy Districts and Neighbourhoods (PED/PEN), JPI Urban Europe invites transdisciplinary and cross-sectoral communities of researchers and practitioners to create projects with focus on smaller-scale joint R&I projects (duration 1-2 years) on PED/PEN implementation, providing transnational alignment, comparison and exchange of experiences between ongoing (European) projects in different PED implementation phases, their integration in general urban strategies, stakeholder involvement strategies and the role of geographical/climatic conditions. The call is open for proposals until 24 September 2020.

The results from projects granted in this call should help to facilitate knowledge transfer and learning from different European contexts, cities and countries to create greater engagement and understanding in PED implementation processes.

Participating countries: Austria, Belgium/Brussels Capital Region, Czech Republic and Sweden

Do you wish to learn more about the Positive Energy Districts and Neighbourhoods call? Welcome to a webinar on 14 May, 10.30-11.45 CEST,  where we present the call and answer questions on content, formal requirements and the application process.

Participants can chose to submit questions in advance upon registration, please send your questions to

Preliminary programme, 14 May, 10.30-11.45 CEST

10.15 Chat opens

10.30 Webinar starts

10.35 Welcome – JPI Urban Europe

10.40 Call presentation

11.00 Q&A session

11.30 Webinar ends – chat stays open for discussion or questions

11.45 Chat closes

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LinkedIn group
In addition to events and webinars, we wish to welcome interested actors to the LinkedIn group “Networking in Positive Energy Districts and Neighbourhoods” for self-organised networking and matchmaking. This is a group where you can continue to explore the possibilities for developing and submitting a joint call proposal together with more stakeholders or find possible future partners before the matchmaking event. Join the group here. 

Applicants in this call can represent:

  • Companies (from industry/large companies to SMEs), especially public utility companies (e.g. in the field of energy supply, other communal supply and disposal systems, …); energy service providers; real estate developers, investors, facility management providers; actors from the fields of energy, spatial and transport planning
  • Cities, municipalities, regions
  • Consumers (e.g. business enterprises, test households, etc.)
  • Citizens’ representatives, NGOs
  • Research organisations (universities, university colleges, research institutes or other authorities with research undertakings)

Learn more about the call and its topics.

Register to the information webinar here

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