JPI Urban Europe about Strategic Synthesis in the #UrbanTakeAways series

"We need to be more comfortable with a certain type of agony, holding different kinds of views, at times contradictory, in our head at the same time" Listen to  Jonas Bylund, R&I Officer in JPI Urban Europe, featured in the #UrbanTakeAway series by SLU Urban Futures.

“R&I stakeholders and urban decision makers need to deal with uncertainty. Synthesis could be a connective tissue, an infrastructure between very different knowledge practices, sectors, disciplines and worldviews. Or else you’re dealing with conventional research – which isn’t really what we’re looking for…”

About #UrbanTakeAways
Urban Take-Aways is a film series by SLU Urban Futures where researchers and practitioners from various disciplines and fields share insights from inspiring projects relating to urban sustainability. The focus is on research methods and knowledge production across disciplines and sectors. Nina Vogel is the host of the series. She is Program Coordinator of SLU Urban Futures, and Researcher at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management, SLU Alnarp. Learn more about SLU Urban Futures here.




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