JPI Urban Europe joins Placemaking Week Europe 2019

JPI Urban Europe will join Placemaking Week Europe 2019 on 12–15 June in Valencia, Europe’s biggest conference and festival celebrating the impact of placemaking on the urban fabric, approximately 400 placemakers, city officials, politicians, companies and more will share knowledge and ideas in interactive workshops.

During the conference JPI Urban Europe will host two workshops as part of SRIA 2.0 implementation through AGORA dialogues. 

One workshop session titled Unfolding the dilemmas of Public Space will focus on the dilemmas involved in developing and maintaining a public space, as various stakeholder goals compete and potentially hampers or prevents the achievement of another.

The second session titled Urban Living Labs for Placemaking and Urban Transitions will be on experiences and learnings of Urban Living Labs and how to develop the approach further to scale up the urban transformation potential.

 UN-HABITAT is also curating a workshop as part of the Urban Maestro project (JPI Urban Europe is represented in the Advisory Board of the project) exploring the use of informal tools in the governance of urban design.


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