JPI Urban Europe inspired Norway’s city research funding

Tina Rebecca Hov-Gylthe (left) and Mari Solerød join forces to align Norwegian research funding with that of JPI Urban Europe. Photograph by Thomas Keilman (RCN).

The Norwegian Funding Scheme for research for sustainable cities is well aligned to the JPI Urban Europe’s agenda.

Tina Rebecca Hov-Gylthe and her group in The Research Council of Norway looked closely at the JPI Urban Europe’s Research and Innovation Agenda in the process of developing BYFORSK – the Council’s initiative for funding research on sustainable cities of the future. Mari Solerød from The Research Council is also a member of the JPI Urban Europe Governing Board. She worked with Tina Rebecca during the development process.

Inspiration and shared view
Tina Rebecca Hov-Gylthe: “The SRIA (Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda) inspired us to approach urban challenges within the frame of social, economic and environmental sustainability. Further, we share the view that knowledge building needs to take place across disciplines and societal sectors to promote integrated and holistic solutions. The complexity of today’s urban challenges demands cooperation, stakeholder involvement and alignment. Also in choosing thematic priorities the SRIA has been of influence for the choices made.”
“The result of this process is the BYFORSK call that was launched in September. In mid-May The Research Council will announce which of the 63 projects that applied will be funded.”, she adds.

What are your expectations for the BYFORSK projects?
“We should see projects that generate new knowledge promoting sustainable urban development. I expect the projects to address the cities’ complex challenges with an integrated approach, through interdisciplinarity and new collaborative partnerships. Perhaps the most interesting and promising insights will come from those who are able to create opportunities for new societal solutions. I hope the results will be of interest for stakeholders and decision makers.”

Close cooperation
Tina Rebecca’s colleague Mari Solerød is, together with Anne Beate Tangen in the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation, a member of the JPI Urban Europe’s Governing Board.
Mari Solerød: “There is an obvious added value of us working together in the same organisation. This allows us to draw on each other’s knowledge and networks, to discuss strategies and actions on a daily basis.
The close link between the scope of the national funding scheme and the JPI Urban Europe’s SRIA will most probably strengthen the Norwegian actors’ competitiveness in the future.
This is a win-win situation for the Norwegian R&D Community and JPI Urban Europe”, Mari concludes.




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