Looking for a partner in the Sino-European call (ENUAC)?

Are you still looking for a partner for your Sino-European consortium? Or do you want to join a consortium? Here are two ways.

Webinars – a chance to meet

To promote, answer questions and to offer matchmaking, a series of webinars have been arranged by JPI Urban Europe in collaboration with NWO. The webinars provide an opportunity to meet researchers and partners interested in this call, with space for networking in break-out groups.

You can register for the webinars (16 March & 30 March) here!

Partner search forms

Alternatively, you can submit a partner search form to be posted on the JPI Urban Europe call page with your contact information and the expertise you are looking for or want to contribute. Or browse through the partner search forms submitted by other researchers. For more information, please see the call page.




Please click here for the frequently asked questions we collected.
If you have an additional questions you are welcome to mail us at info@jpi-urbaneurope.eu