Scientific Advisory Board Paper on Addressing SDG challenges

The article "New Urban Transitions towards Sustainability: Addressing SDG challenges (Research and Implementation Tasks and Topics from the Perspective of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of the Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) Urban Europe)" has been published in the journal Sustainability as part of the Special Issue Urban Transformations Towards Sustainability.

The paper, written by  JPI Urban Europe’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB),  presents the requirements and challenges of urban transitions towards sustainability from the perspective of the SAB of the JPI Urban Europe. Critical reflections on the achievements and identification of gaps in the activities of JPI Urban Europe, based on the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda SRIA (2015–2020), reveal advanced research questions, tasks, and approaches that influenced the development process of the SRIA 2.0 (released in February 2019). The authors emphasize the dilemma approach, the local context and the co-creation concept to pursue urban transitions in real-world context. Considering this frame, they propose specific domains for further research on urban transitions.


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