EURA 2013 Annual Conference ‘Cities as Seedbeds for Innovation’

European Urban Research EURAInnovation and cities; the two main ingredients of the annual EURA conference (the European Urban Research Association) held on the 3rd – 6th of July in Enschede, the Netherlands. As these issues are precisely the focus of JPI Urban Europe, many members of the initiative actively participated in this conference by means of organizing various panel discussions and giving presentations. Management Board member, Margit Noll presented the JPI Urban Europe study ‘Urban Megatrends and Challenges’. A second Management Board member, Arjan van Binsbergen elaborated on the JPI Urban Europe Second Pilot Call (2013).

The four day conference ‘Cities as Seedbeds for Innovation’ gave plenty of time for participants to listen to and participate in discussions on (funding opportunities of) urban research:
  • Designing Cities of the Future: Towards smart, safe & liveable cities!
  • Local Agenda 21: What has been achieved, and what’s next
  • Innovations of Governance in Cities and Urban regions
  • Integration and Social Inclusion: Europe’s Youth and the City of Tomorrow
  • Cities and Innovation in the Knowledge Society
  • JPI Urban Europe
As part of the conference programme, four out of the ten First JPI Urban Europe Pilot Call (2012) projects presented themselves:
  • Gentrification 2.0 (Arnoud Lagendijk from the Radboud University)
  • APRILab (Federico Savini from the University of Amsterdam)
  • IMAGINATION (Peter Scholten from the Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  • b-Part (Titiana-Petra Ertiö from the University of Turku)
Other conference contributors linked to JPI Urban Europe included: Wim Hafkamp (former Management Board member), Edwin Hubers (Call Secretariat JPI Urban Europe), and Sigrun Kabisch (Scientific Advisory Board member). For more information on the EURA conference ‘Cities as Seedbeds for Innovation’, please visit the eura-website.




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