Portico, European Urban Initiative’s new gateway to urban learning

Portico, the new knowledge sharing and community platform for sustainable urban development in the EU, is set for official launch on 10 October mid-day during the 2023 European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels.

The new platform is being launched by the European Urban Initiative (EUI) in partnership with JPI Urban Europe, and a range of initiatives, programmes and organisations supporting urban development under EU Cohesion Policy. It combines knowledge and resources from EUI and partners on productive, green and just cities, as well as key tools for putting policy into Urban knowledge, tools, people, community.

Discover Portico’s three main pillars, available from 10 October 2023 mid-day:

  • Knowledge Hub: This knowledge repository integrates resources and tools from the European Urban Initiative, EU Urban Agenda, URBACT and other Cohesion Policy actors to support urban practitioners in building their knowledge and skills.
  • Urban Panorama: Drawn from existing EU knowledge and initiatives, this is an overview of the main bodies contributing to the design and implementation of sustainable urban development policies and strategies in Europe.
  • Portico Community: Brings together practitioners, policymakers, urban experts, mayors… anyone interested in improving sustainable urban development from across the EU. This is where peers can exchange ideas, get information on upcoming events, and participate in discussions on sustainable urban development themes.

The European Urban Initiative (EUI) is the EU instrument supporting urban areas of all sizes with innovative actions, capacity and knowledge building on sustainable urban development.

For more information, contact: communication@urban-initiative.eu




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