Pre-announcement of call: Urban transformation capacity building through art and design

There is a need to emphasize the importance of imagination, and the cultural and creative sectors, to support and enable the transformation of societies towards a sustainable, climate neutral, and just future. In an additional Era-Net Cofund Urban Transformation Capacities (ENUTC) call – art and design form the focal point as a means for urban change.

Our current crisis is not only about the environment and the climate, but is also a crisis of the imagination. We seem simply not capable of imagining the sustainable societies of tomorrow, and we are stuck in current modes of thinking, recycling old solutions which were somewhat useful for solving old problems – but now clearly need a fresh input from the cultural and creative sectors.

“By involving the cultural and creative sectors, this call will include new perspectives on the implementation of urban strategies that adapt and mitigate to climate change in urban districts – and more specifically in the redesign of various specific neighbourhoods.”, says Kristina Laurell, Coordinator of the ENUTC programme.

Scientists and practitioners from the cultural and creative sectors, and from other disciplines, need each other to resolve complex urban transitions. Projects will revolve around the call topics “Experimentation and co-creation for a beautiful and sustainable urban future”, “Transformation to sustainable cities”, and “Designing inclusive, liveable and green neighbourhoods”.

Eight funding agencies from Sweden, Latvia, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria have together a budget of approximately 4 million euro. The call will be open from 22 February until 25 April, and will follow a one-step evaluation process by an international expert panel. Consortia shall consist of applicants from at least two participating countries. The final call text will be available when the call opens, and for further briefing, we recommend attending the 27 February back-to-back Urban lunch talk and call information meeting.

>> Call website: Building transformation capacity through arts and design: Unlocking the full potential for urban transitions (BTC-ENUTC)

Back-to-back Urban Lunch Talk and information meeting

On 27 February, you are welcome to an Urban lunch talk about building transformation capacities through art and design. With the new envisioned future theme, the event will involve discussions on how to imagine a sustainable urban future with aesthetic perspectives and approaches.

Right after the Urban lunch talk, a half-an-hour information meeting about the call will follow.

>> Go to the 27 February Urban lunch talk event website




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