All you need to know about APRILab – innovative living lab experiences

Subway Station in Munich Four universities and one municipality have joined forces to gain more insight into innovation and urban planning. Led by Professor Willem Salet of the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), researchers from Aalborg University (Denmark), Yildiz Technical University (Turkey) and Aalto University (Finland) as well as the municipality of Amsterdam (Netherlands) will conduct a range of European case studies and look into the dilemmas faced by urban planners. This project, funded by the JPI Urban Europe Pilot Call 2012, is called APRILab – Action oriented planning, regulation and investment dilemmas for innovative urban development in living lab experiences.

Willem Salet, Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences of the University of Amsterdam, explains: “Our project is – amongst other things – about the dilemmas faced by planners in urban redevelopment, particularly in the outlying areas of cities. We particularly look at the management of the programming of space and time in projects as well as at the impact of legislation and innovative alternative strategies of real estate finance and land development.”Conducting European case studies, the researchers expect to gain insight into the question of how European cities can learn from the best practices of innovation in planning. As Salet states: “Cities have access to the extensive qualitative data sets that our project yields which is very valuable,  especially in times of crisis. Thus European cities learn from each other’s innovative approach.”




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