RAMSES project launches audio-visual platform “On Urban Resilience”

The platform “On Urban Resilience” deals with urban adaptation and developing a resilient city. The Climate Media Factory has asked 33 experts to share their insights and lessons learnt. The result is a unique resource for municipalities: By connecting more than 100 short film sequences from interviews with scientists, city and adaptation experts from the public and the private sector and best practice examples from well-chosen adaptation practitioners, the interactive guidance tool “On Urban Resilience” presents a broad range of policy relevant scientific information, perspectives, knowledge bits, and experiences.
This enables an intuitive and flexible access to the main ingredients of the urban resilience discussion and helps policy makers and city stakeholders to assess climate change impacts in general and on concrete strategies and measures for their cities in particular.
The tool offers the opportunity to follow a preselected pathway which is structured around issues like flood, heat, health, social adaptation policies, political commitment, from understanding to action, or implementation. A search function and an overview mind map alternatively allow for choosing individual entry points and diving into special topics. So the guidance caters for individual needs with respect to interest and level of knowledge of the user.
“On Urban Resilience” is a result of the European research project RAMSES – Science for Cities in Transition. It is part of a more comprehensive toolbox for cities. It was created by the Climate Media Factory that specializes in climate change communication.





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