Recommendations delivered by the Scientific Advisory Board based on JPI Urban Europe success stories

Uniqueness, international performance, long-term commitments and visibility of success stories are all criterion that characterizes JPI Urban Europe, according to the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). After ten years of engagement in the program, SAB recently delivered reflections and advice, to help guide the next steps in shaping the Driving Urban Transitions (DUT) partnership programme.

It is a compilation of important criteria that characterize the immense and successful work of JPI Urban Europe.

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is comprised of internationally acclaimed individuals working in the scientific field or in the field of strategic research who have shown a great interest in and contributed to the scientific understanding of cities. It is an advisory body responsible for offering critique, recommendations, and guidance towards the strategic/scientific orientation of JPI Urban Europe. You can read the report in full here. For each criterion in the report, a recommendation for further work within the DUT partnership programme is formulated, indicated by an arrow:

–> Setting a distinguishable brand

–> Expanding the dilemma approach to new directions in approaching technology-, ecosystem-, community- and policy-based strategies

–> Exploiting and multiplying innovative, co-creative solutions and knowledge gains from experimentation, incl. Urban Living Labs, and grant awards for selected efforts

–> Telling exciting narratives to illustrate the thematic priorities (hands-on examples and food for thought)

–> Balancing variable geometry and reliable long-term commitment

–> Mobilisation of key policymakers and expansion of cooperation with city networks

–> Justify the benefits of collaboration to reluctant national institutions and exploit the potentials by bringing results and actions from transnational to national/regional level

–> Continue efforts on European and international level to mobilise international funding agencies and global decision-makers

–> Consider changing the composition of the advisory board by including experts from different domains


Read the report in full here

Authors: Sigrun Kabisch (Germany), Georgios Artopoulos (Cyprus), Petr Kratochvil (Czech Republic), Rafaela Matos (Portugal), Jenny Palm (Sweden), Richard Sendi (Slovenia), Marta Smagacz-Poziemska (Poland)




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