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Are you in a JPI Urban Europe project, and would like to share your insights and outputs to a wider audience? Submit your latest results in the form below, and tag us in social media.
Image: The JPI Urban Europe team shares results from projects across a variety of different calls, at the World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi 2020.

Being an ambitious research- and innovation program, we want to make sure your insights and knowledge is shared openly and effectively. Therefore, we continuously explore, improve, and test new communications formats and partnerships. We work with strategic multipliers across the globe to reach out and invite a larger audience to our joint knowledge hub.

As a project funded in a JPI Urban Europe call, we continuously promote your work and results at conferences and different communication channels. We invite you to projects meetings, policy conferences, AGORA dialogues and Urban Lunch Talks to help you make an impact.

JPI Urban Europe has funded over 100 projects across 12 different calls. If you are part of any of these projects, you are welcome to submit your latest results and outputs, and we will share it further.

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