UERA meeting

newsletter 6.1Creating a common understanding of an urban language
The third meeting of the Urban Europe Research Alliance was an important step towards establishing a common understanding of the alliance and to pave the way for joint actions and research endeavours. Participants from 14 research organisations and universities joined the meeting which  took place on the 24th of April, 2014 at the premises of AIT in Vienna.

Jargon and different backgrounds
Since the last meeting, three working groups have been established. Within the meeting the preliminary results of the group dealing with urban terminology have been presented and participants were asked to contribute to the results. The results are seen to be important for creating a common understanding of an urban language among researchers, stakeholders, practitioners, etc. as too often terms and jargon are understood differently by experts not sharing the same background.

Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda JPI Urban Europe
In the meeting, emphasis was given that UERA has the ambition to generate impact to the European policy processes and to reach out to a variety of initiatives and programmes. Therefore, UERA members are asked to significantly contribute to the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the JPI Urban Europe by putting forward their views on research priorities and reflecting the framework of the SRIA.

Two-day scientific workshop in autumn
The next meeting will take place in autumn including a two-day scientific workshop to enhance the common scientific vision of UERA. Connected to this event, a UERA workshop for highlighting priority areas for the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of JPI Urban Europe will be organised.




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