Sustainable and Liveable Cities and Urban Areas: Update of Call Documents

As it is not to possible for Chinese partners to register in eCall, we have made updates in the call text (see page 18 and page 20) and the related documents.

The new regulation for the submission is:

– The European coordinator has to register and submit a proposal by means of the FFG electronic submission system eCall. An online help document for submission is provided here.

– The registration and full proposal may only be submitted if all European partners have previously completed and submitted their partner proposals in eCall. Therefore it is within the main applicant’s duties to ensure timely submission of all partner proposals and of the registration (“short application”) and full proposal as a whole.

– Chinese parties submit a Chinese version to the NSFC system, with the English version attached.

Further information and documents to download

The call Sustainable and Liveable Cities and Urban Areas




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