Webinar: Sustainable Land-use and Urban Infrastructure

Join our fourth Urban Lunch Talks this Friday and disuss the dilemma Sustainable Land-use and Urban Infrastructure toghether with experts and partcipants from all over Europe!

How can cities accommodate demands for densification and well-developed infrastructure under the constraints of scarce resources, accessibility and affordability for all?

The global achievements of the UN Agenda 2030 SDGs, and the implementation of the Paris Agreement raise several questions regarding what socially equitable and climate sensitive infrastructures might look like. They both have a strong urban dimension and assert that ideally, urban infrastructural services should underpin liveable and just cities.

In the fourth episode of JPI Urban Europe’s webinar series Urban Lunch Talks, we explore how smart and circular strategies can be implemented in order to be just. Is it, for example, possible to create inclusive and affordable low carbon- or positive energy districts?

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